Summer has finally arrived and we know that you have been working hard to get your yard in tip top shape for the warm weather. From getting your sprinkler system ready to pulling those weeds, there is a lot landscaping services joplininvolved with keeping up with your yard and now is the perfect time to set your yard up for summer success. What you do for your yard now will carry through the entire summer season. Along with taking care of your irrigation system and other yard necessities, there are a few other things you should be doing to help prepare your yard for the summer months ahead.

Take Care of Lawn

This involves much more than just mowing the lawn. If your lawn growth has slowed or seems to have stopped, you should apply fertilizer with nitrogen to your yard. This will help revitalize your lawn and help restore growth. You can easily follow the application instructions that are located on the bag label. It is also important to keep in mind that you should let your grass grow longer as the weather warms up so your lawn will have more protection from the summer heat.

Get Your Flower Beds Ready

In order to get them ready for the summer season, it is best to add organic matter to your flower and other planting beds. You will want to spread compost across the different beds and it is possible that you may need to work the compost into the soil a bit. Compost will help keep the weeds down, will help enrich the soil, and will help retain moisture around your different plants.

Pest Control

Garden pests and insects love spring growth and they can damage your plants if you do not know how to treat for them. The best way to keep insects out of your plants is to regularly spray your plants with a strong jet of water. This will remove the pests from your plants before they have the opportunity to start feeding on them. You can also utilize insecticidal soap to keep the pests out of your garden.

These are all fairly simple tasks that you could easily do on your own, but if you have some more extensive landscaping work that needs to be done before summer is in full swing, then call Muddy Boots Landscaping. We offer a variety of quality landscaping services that will leave your Joplin home’s yard looking fabulous all summer long.