You may not realize it, but your lawn undergoes a lot of stress during the hot and dry summer months. Throughout the summer, your lawn continually suffers through endless sun and heat exposure. With the sun’s harsh rays beating down on your lawn every day, it’s no wonder why it is a struggle to keep it looking lush, green, and healthy. But fortunately, there are a few things you or your landscaper can do for your Joplin lawn to help keep it looking strong and vibrant.landscaper joplin

What Causes Stress?

Common stress factors for your lawn include sun and heat exposure, as well as constant foot traffic. Weeds and bugs can also cause stress, but these are much more manageable as long as your lawn is strong and healthy.

What Can You Do To Help Reduce Stress?

Avoid Walking On Your Lawn

It is best to avoid walking on your lawn if it is dry and damaged. Walking on a dry lawn can damage the grass and it will remain beaten down instead of springing back. While walking on a healthy, well-watered lawn is better than walking on a dry, brittle one, heavy foot traffic on wet soil can still lead to compaction. If your lawn has hard, compacted soil, very little air is capable of reaching the roots, which damages your lawn.

Keep Your Grass Long

Not only does taller grass develop deeper roots, but it also provides your lawn with some extra shade and protection from the harsh summer sun. Taller grass also retains moisture better than short grass. So, be sure to keep your lawn mower blade set on one of the highest settings available.

Water In The Morning

We already mentioned this in our previous blog, however, this is extremely important when it comes to caring for your lawn in the summer. Watering your lawn in the morning allows the moisture to really sink into the roots and it also helps prevent the onset of disease.