Built for function. Designed for aesthetics.

A retaining wall is used primarily for what it sounds like: to retain. We install retaining walls in areas with significant grading change, where we are trying to prevent spillage, or where we have built up a garden area, etc. In order to do this job reliably, retaining walls have to be made from solid materials that are durable and consistently provide you with protection. However, this doesn’t mean they have to be all function and no beauty.

We love transforming an ordinary property with stunning stone retaining walls that only add to the natural beauty already present. In order to do this, we invest in natural stones and other materials that are durable, standing up to the Joplin weather season after season, while still adding color and a stunning aesthetic piece to your landscape. We even have clients who decide to build retaining walls less for function and more to accent certain areas.

With a passion for excellence and beauty, our craftsmen who specialize in retaining wall design and construction are some of the best in Missouri, able to transform any area into a work of art that lasts for years to come.

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